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Erika Rich/Knight Center

Mary Kang


  • ICFJ/Facebook Video Accelerator: Brazil, Mentor September - November. 

  • Argentina - ADEPA, Newsroom strategies to produce quality journalism

  • ICFJ/ Facebook Video Accelerator: Latin America, Spanish speaking countries. Mentor December-May.

  • New York, NY - ICFJ/Facebook Video Accelerator: US Local Newsrooms - Changing Newsroom Cultures: When Digital is Not an Afterthought. 

  • Cambridge, MA - Harvard LEAD Conference - Media and Communications Panel.


  • Buenos Aires, Argentina - Presentation to newsrooms (Clarín and Página 12) -  Culture Change in Newsrooms for Successful Integration. 

  • Huesca, Spain - XX Congress of Digital Journalism - Journalism for Spanish speaking communities in the US.

  • Austin, Texas - International Symposium of Online Journalism (ISOJ) - Lightning Talks: Vertical Video.





  • London, UK - WAN-IFRA - International Newsroom Summit: Keynote: Video Strategy at Univision.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: WAN-IFRA - What Is Your TV/Video Strategy and Should You Have One?

  • Austin, Texas - Engaging News Project Social Media Summit: Covering the 2016 election on Social Media.


  • New York: TVNewsCheck’s annual NewsTECHForum.

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